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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i'm lesli foster. the obama administration is scrambling to contain its leak from cables, unstable heads of state and all attacks on iran out for everyone to see now. the white house is threatening legal action against the leakers even as the secretary of state insists u.s. partnership with foreign leaders will with stand the shock. bruce leshan is live in the web center with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: lesli, in the old days these kinds of secrets were sent from place to place in a diplomatic pouch protected from prying eyes by a government agent. now a lot of them are electronic and someone has down loaded them on something like a portable hard drive and then released them to the world. wiki leaks insists that documents posted on the servers serve a greater good, proving america has turned a blind eye on corruption and malfeasance and engaged in spying on its allies.
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>> we live if a worlds that overly secretive. especially after 9/11. >> reporter: the secretary of state counters that the leak endangers lives, threatens u.s. national security and underminds the efforts of the international community to resolve shared problems. >> there is nothing laudable about endangering innocent people and there is nothing brave about sabotaging the peaceful relations between nations. >> reporter: one cable refers to russian prime memberrister putin as -- minister putin as a dog. and the german chanceler is teflon, a leader who avoids risks and rarely creative. the french president is a naked emperor. the afghan president, driven by paranoia. the libian leader is constantly accompanied by a voluptuous blond nurse. the saudi king urged the u.s. to cut off the head of the
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snake to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. >> how many documents would you have been embarrassed to see out in public? >> all of them. >> reporter: author, au professor and former pakistani ambassador to london said these could have an impact in the middle east. israel's prime minister said that diplomacy thrives on secrecy, journalist on revelations. he predicted today's leak would make things difficult for diplomats and journalists. >> and robertly netanyahu is jumping on the claim to cut off the head of snake. >> he and health care said there is a broad consensus something has to be done about iran and he didn't want that on
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the street. and one western power asking to attack another islamic leader, that may not be popular with the people in the arab world. >> bruce, thank you. here at home, president obama is asking congress to approve a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal workers and the reason is to help cut into the nation's deficit. president obama said the pay freeze would effect 330,000 federal workers right here in the d.c. region alone. >> i don't think it's fair. >> what i'm surprised about is that it's for two years. >> the pay freeze would eliminate a 1.4% cost of living raise that many federal workers were counting on for next year. the president said the freeze would save $2 billion next year and $5 billion over two years. we have some breaking news from northwest washington right now where a grim discovery was made just hours ago. police are investigating the discovery of a body in the 1,000 block of fairmont street northwest. our delia gonsalves is on the scene with the latest details.
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fill us in. >> reporter: we're live in the back alley of the 1,000 block of fairmont street in northwest in columbia heights. let's get right to it. a gruesome discovery around 1:30 this afternoon. police found the body of a teenage girl inside of this dumpster. you can see the yellow tape after they've cleaned up their investigation here in this back alley. police aren't releasing a whole lot of details except to say the victim appears to be in her late teens. obviously a lot of neighbors troubled by this. i talked to a man that lives in that condo. he said his deck sits right above this dumpster. police asked him if his dogs were barking at all, if he heard or saw anything suspicious? i asked him that question as well. he hasn't seen anything. walked by this area all of the time and didn't see anything suspicious. what is most troubling, a young girl, maybe 16 or 17, just approached me, tears in her eyes and she said her friend was missing for a couple of days now. we have a crew here working the
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scene and we'll have more tonight at 11:00. back to you. >> delia, thank you for that. now to growth stressing story where a brunswick man is being held on charges that he murdered his 2-month-old daughter. lexi zirinsky was found dead at a home at 415 west potomac street on sunday. police say it was very apparent that her death was suspicious. >> upon completion of the autopsy, the medical examiner's office has listed the manner of death as a homicide and the cause of death is put pell traumatic injuries. >> police are charging its father, 25-year-old jason zirinsky with first-degree murder and child abuse. while he was being booked he complained the chest pains. he was taken to frederick memorial hospital and is there in custody awaiting treatment. a man admitted to throwing his 3-year-old son off a baltimore bridge is back in court tomorrow after a judge rejected a plea deal today for
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steven nelson. he told police that he threw his son off the francis scott key bridge in 2008 into the river. the boy's body was found five months later. in rejecting that plea deal, the judge said it was just too light. the prosecution and defense are due back in court tomorrow. and a montgomery county teen was sentenced to 25 years in prison today for the death of a man in potomac. police say 18-year-old emily geller used the promise of sex to lure 57-year-old ollie zero down a dark path in october of 2009 where her boyfriend attacked him with a shovel. geller pled guilty to first- degree murder charges this summer. police have charged a woman with drunken driving after she crashed into two homes right in her own neighborhood. this happened around 6:00 this morning along manner drive in mount airy, maryland. police say that woman crashed into the front of one home, then she backed out and drove across the front yard.
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they then say she hit a parked car and then crashed into the house the next door over. people were home but no one was hurt. building inspectors are checking out the homes to determine if they are safe. two very close calls with deadly gas -- or with the deadly gas carbon monoxide sent 12 people to area hospitals sunday and tonight. and this morning's incident happened in the del ray area of alexandria. three children were taken to the hospital after feeling nauseous and dizzy. a break apparently in the furnace's flew of the brick townhouse caused the gas to leak out. fire officials say carbon monoxide detectors are a must to be safe, but so is having your gas appliances and furnace checked once a year. >> if you wait until your detector goes off, it's too late. the problem has already manifested itself in the home and everybody is in danger at that point in time. what you want to do is be
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proactive. >> carbon monoxide is a biff product of combustion of gas burning appliances and technicians recommend placing a detector near every gas appliance and near sleeping areas. still ahead on 9 news now, back in business. new sales receipts are in from black friday. and plus you don't want to get on the wrong side of the mail deadline this holiday season. we'll have some important dates to circle on the calendar. well today's temperatures below average. we'll show you the almanac. you can access this on our website at 52 and 32 goes in the books. the first time we hit 32 downtown. average is 53 and 37. the record high of 73 and a record low of 14. we'll come back and talk about a flash flood watch, showers, heavy rain and thunderstorms and a return to winter.
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shoppers did not disappoint retailers on black friday a. cording to the national retail federation, sales over the thanksgiving weekend totaled $45 billion. the average shopper spent nearly 6.5% more this holiday weekend than last. and a new survey shows people shopped for themselves. well you hope the holiday gift that you ship arrived in one piece. the edit ors the popular mechanics teamed up with engineerings to find out how often the boxes are dropped and fedex had 3.1 drops per shipment and ups had 2 drops and the united states post office had .5 drops. and if you do plan to use the postal service to ship by christmas, you have until december 20th to send it first class. december 21st for priority and december 22nd for express mail.
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still ahead on 9 news now, a cross country odyssey brings the capital christmas tree to washington.
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you can comply this plane and land it? >> surely you can't be sureus. >> i am serious and don't call me shirley. >> that was leslie nielson.
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he died yesterday in fire department lauderdale after battling pneumonia. after decades of playing serious captains, nielsen said he hit his stride when he turned to comedy. he was 84. secure sit tight in cancun, mexico as they host a united nations conference on climate change. rich and poor nations were unable to reach an agreement in copenhagen last year. nearly 200 nations will gather to try to reach an agreement on a new treaty this time around. for more on the climate conference. >> can go to our living green section on our website, well thousands of worshipers packed the pews at the shrine of the immaculate conception to listen to donald wuerl since being elevated to his new position in the catholic church. he now has a red cap given to
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him by the pope. the color symbolizes he would die for his faith and he wears a ring to show union with the pope. cardinal wuerl spoke of his responsibilities after yesterday's mass. >> i said father we give you the greetings and the love of washington. and i said i send back my blessings on all of you. and there is also something very daunting when you realize that you're being asked by the holy father to work more closely with him. >> with his new responsibilities, the cardinal will travel to rome six times a year. well retailers say shoppers cooperated and opened their wallets on the black friday. so today it's all about cyber monday. over 100 million people are expected to log on and shop today. it is cyber monday, the traditional start of the online holiday shopping season. this year almost 9 in 10 retailers are offering special deals on the web, including free shipping. electronics are expected to be
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the top sellers. the capital christmas tree arrived today. the 67-foot ingleman spruce from wyoming will be decorated and strung with lights on the west side of the capital. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, will host a lighting ceremony december 7th. it was cut on november 6th and brought across the country on an 81-foot flatbed trailer. it's going to be pretty when it's up. >> hard to make good time when you are trailing a big tree. >> exactly. tis the season though. it will be chilly. >> it will get chilly. it will be warm tomorrow and warm on wednesday. don't be fooled when you leave the house on wednesday and think it's warm because it will be cold by the time you get home. right now temperatures in the 40s. and mid-40s. they are pretty uniform. 49 downtown but 44 in fairfax. 44 in sterling. we're looking at 44 also in bethesda. 46 in college park. and low to mid 40sin beltsville and also up in laurel. satellite picture, radar combined. there is our next storm.
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it's a big storm. and this storm will have it all. heavy snow and rain and severe weather toward the southeast. and there is the low and the snow starting to development in the western sections of minnesota. look at the showers and thunderstorms approaching wenter kentucky and tennessee. now as far as we're concerned, clouds will roll in tonight. we'll stay dry tonight and for the morning commute. a different story tomorrow evening. more like spring and then back to our winter pattern. tuesday breezy and milder. wednesday heavy rain possible, maybe even a thunderstorm. especially early in the day. some wet commutes. get ready for that. and turning much, much colder. probably the coldest air of the season in the wake of the storm. for tonight, increasing cloudiness. low 36-42. winds out of the southeast at 10 and clouds hold the teams up. and by morning, mostly cloudy, breezy and chilly. a slight chance of a late shower, 30s and 40s. most of the showers occur in the afternoon. mostly cloudy, breezy and
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milder with showers. highs 55-60 and that's a break in terms of temperatures. but the winds out of the southeast at 10-20 a factor. now here is the flash flood watch. and this is way in advance here. this is actually posted for late tomorrow night through wednesday afternoon. but it does cover most of the metro area, prince george's county, the district, fairfax, points north and west. so get ready for rough night on tuesday and a rough commute wednesday morning, especially wednesday morning. next three days, rain showers tomorrow but upper 50s, mild. rain, showers and maybe a thunderstorm early on wednesday, 57. but notice the blue arrow that, means the temperatures fall late until the day. so you leave the house on wednesday and it's mild. you come home wednesday night and it's downright chilly and then by thursday, sunshine and temperatures hold in the mid- 40s. next 7 days. upper 50s on tuesday and rain and then there is your rain. and look at friday and saturday. only low 40s on friday, only around 40 on saturday. staying dry. fair amount of clouds on sunday and monday.
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we'll call it partly sunny. mid-40s on sunday. low 40s on monday. we'll see some showers in the mountains. i don't think anything will get in here but suffice it to say it would be snow if it rolled in here. >> chilly. i bet there was a chill in the locker room as this poor young man, perry reilly is not feeling so good today. >> the problem is not that he committed the penalty, it's that he walked out of the locker room refusing to talk about it after the game. and you have to face the music in this life and in this league. he's become this monday's scapegoat. but should he be? the redskins come to the defense of young perry reilly who may have cost them a win yesterday. plus the wizards getting ready for lebron and the heat tonight. and the receivers who blames god for dropping this touchdown. 9 sports appeals to a higher authority next.
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well before we hang a guilt trip on perry reilly, let's remember it was not him alone who had the redskins down four- points at home to a 3-7 opponent with a 41-year-old quarterback who is playing on a broken foot. that said, perry still deserves a little guilt trip. if not for the young man this touchdown by bond on banks would have counted and the redskins would have taken the lead in the fourth quarter. but he committed an illegal block penalty. the whole thing came back and the skins lost the game. now to compound matters sh the kid walked out of the locker room after the game without facing reporters. today his teammates and coaches came to his defense. >> he was just playing his heart out first time up and trying to make every play possible and they happened to throw a flag on one of his plays. >> you make a mistake when you are young and his mistake was full speed and that's part of the nfl. >> and clinton portis will have
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his surgery tomorrow to repair the torn groin. redskins rushed for just 29 yards in his absence yesterday. they don't know who will start next, torain or davis. and the wizards have a 5-10 start, at least john wall isn't giving the foreman shiver to rivers because that's what is going on down in miami. as the wizards prepare to play the heat, this video is becoming the big thing. lebron bumping into his coach and do they have a problem? for all of the hight, they have gotten off to a luke warm 9-8 start. could pat riley be far behind for his job. and john wall and mcgee questionable tonight with injuries? switching to basketball for your game of the week poll. five games to choose from.
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york town at south lake. chantilly at madison and a pair of games from garfield and langley. the winning game will lead our coverage on friday night. kevin payne said he would not hire ben olson as the full time coach because he needed more seasoning. apparently he needed three weeks. unite add announcing today that olson has won the full time job after half a season. the former uva star played 12 seasons for the black and red and at 33 the youngest head coach in mls history. >> it wasn't too long ago, almost a year to date, that was i here retiring. still not sure if that was the right idea. but i am very, very confident at this point that i can lead this team. >> so are we. finally tonight, one of the most tragic dropped passes you'll ever see. bills and steelers yesterday in
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overtime, buffalo's steve johnson, sure touchdown to win the game, but he drops it in the end zone. oh, the heart ache. but then his post game tweet had him blaming god. he said, quote, i praise you 24/7 and this is how you do me. you expect me to learn from this? how? i'll never forget this ever. and then i like to think he adds at the end -- thanks, though. >> just in case. >> i would suggest that god was not involved in that dropped pass and he may regret that tweet. >> and the dog ate his homework. >> he's blaming. and when you point the finger, the thumb goes back at you. that's the corniest thing ever. >> be careful about pointing the finger in the upward direction. you don't put the -- no. mild tomorrow and mild on wednesday. get ready to locate your
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umbrella and overcoat, it is cold. >> it is coming. >> thanks, topper. >> thanks, though. >> exactly. the cbs news with katie curic is up next. derek will see you at 7:00.


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